Your health and well-being are a primary concern

The health and well-being of customers has always been a primary concern at The Rosemary House, 120 South Market Street, established in 1968!  Whether it is suppling herbs and seasonings to enhance your daily meals or whether it is providing relaxing and fragrant essential oils to elevate or calm the mood of your personal space.  For over 50 years The Rosemary House has always been there for the well-being of their customers.  Currently, staff are happy to have “masked” discussions with customers about which herbs will best suit your needs.  Looking to spice up your cooking or seeking herbs to help you sleep or support your immune system or simply want a tasty cup of tea?  The Rosemary House is your local source for herbs, spices, teas and gifts.

Want to make your own disinfecting spray to wipe down those high touch areas? Here is a quick and effective recipe that The Rosemary House uses to keep their doors and counters clean:

  • 1 cup alcohol (either rubbing alcohol or vodka)
  • Add 30+ drops of your choice of essential oil (orange is uplifting, tea tree is anti-viral, lavender is relaxing, or eucalyptus to open sinuses, all are available at The Rosemary House!)
  • Add ¼ cup distilled water
  • 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide

Now more than ever we need to care for ourselves – internally and externally! Visit the Rosemary House website for more information concerning additional precautions being taken including private shopping hours by appointment! Shop online and like and follow The Rosemary House Facebook page for more tips.

The Rosemary House, your one stop herb and spice shop, was established in 1968! Herbs, Tea, and Gift items. This family business is owned and operated by Susanna Reppert Brill. Parking in the rear or on the street.

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