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When the shutdown happened in March, Trez Music transitioned to 100% cyber lessons, allowing their teachers and students to work and learn from the safety of their homes.  Towards the end of May and beginning of June, as businesses were given the OK to begin opening again, Trez Music slowly began introducing teachers and students back into the studio as they felt comfortable.  For the first two weeks, the owner, Beth Trez, invited just her students to return.  Then two additional teachers were invited back who teach in a building separate from the main house.  The final phase was inviting all teachers and students back as they felt comfortable.  A few teachers chose to continue teaching via cyber lessons. Upon fully reopening in June, Trez Music had about 50% of students in the studio and 50% online.  Each month, more and more students have returned and currently they are at about 80% in-studio and 20% cyber.  Of course, Trez Music has taken many precautions for students and teachers to return to the studio: 

  • Masks/face coverings are required to enter any building on the property which is located at 214 West Main Street. 
  • Upon entering and exiting, students must use hand sanitizer provided.
  • Doorknobs and chairs are sanitized regularly, and the pianos are disinfected after each student. 
  • During lessons, the teachers and students maintain social distancing. 
  • Parents of children older than 7 are asked to wait in their cars to minimize traffic in the buildings. 

Trez Music has started their rock and jazz band classes up again.  They have adapted by making the bands smaller (3-4 students plus the instructor).  Microphones, amps, and instruments are disinfected throughout the class and students must wear masks/face coverings unless they are singing or playing a wind instrument.  They follow the same rules as the private lesson students in regard to sanitizing their hands and such.  Rather than doing their performances at venues, Trez Music is going to have cyber concerts from our “Band Cave” which will be broadcast via Facebook live feed.  Overall, each transition has gone smoothly, and they are so grateful to all of their students, teachers, and their student’s families for their willingness, love, support, and encouragement during this pandemic.  Trez Music says that these amazing people are such blessings! To learn more about Trez Music and their offering, check out their website and Facebook page.

Trez Music states that their “mission is to provide a comprehensive music education program individualized for each student, beginning at the pre-school ages through elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond.  We also offer opportunities for adult students, special needs students, and the elderly.  We offer a family-focused learning environment in which our students can grow and develop their musical selves in a positive and enriching environment.”

They are currently open for in-studio and cyber lesson options. Please contact them for more information or to sign up.

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