Business Highlights

  • quARanTine music – not your ordinary, everyday music school

    When the shutdown happened in March, Trez Music transitioned to 100% cyber lessons, allowing their teachers and students to work and learn from the safety of their homes.  Towards the end of May and beginning of June, as businesses were given the OK to begin opening again, Trez Music slowly began introducing teachers and students back into the studio as they felt comfortable.  For the first two weeks, the owner, Beth Trez, invited just her students to return.  Then two additional teachers were invited back who teach in a building separate from the main house.  The final phase was inviting all teachers and students back as they felt comfortable.  A few teachers chose to continue teaching via cyber lessons. Upon fully reopening in June, Trez Music had about 50% of students in the studio and 50% online.  Each month, more and more students have returned and currently they are at about 80% in-studio and 20% cyber.  Of course, Trez Music has taken many precautions for students and teachers to return to the studio: 

    • Masks/face coverings are required to enter any building on the property which is located at 214 West Main Street. 
    • Upon entering and exiting, students must use hand sanitizer provided.
    • Doorknobs and chairs are sanitized regularly, and the pianos are disinfected after each student. 
    • During lessons, the teachers and students maintain social distancing. 
    • Parents of children older than 7 are asked to wait in their cars to minimize traffic in the buildings. 

    Trez Music has started their rock and jazz band classes up again.  They have adapted by making the bands smaller (3-4 students plus the instructor).  Microphones, amps, and instruments are disinfected throughout the class and students must wear masks/face coverings unless they are singing or playing a wind instrument.  They follow the same rules as the private lesson students in regard to sanitizing their hands and such.  Rather than doing their performances at venues, Trez Music is going to have cyber concerts from our “Band Cave” which will be broadcast via Facebook live feed.  Overall, each transition has gone smoothly, and they are so grateful to all of their students, teachers, and their student’s families for their willingness, love, support, and encouragement during this pandemic.  Trez Music says that these amazing people are such blessings! To learn more about Trez Music and their offering, check out their website and Facebook page.

    Trez Music states that their “mission is to provide a comprehensive music education program individualized for each student, beginning at the pre-school ages through elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond.  We also offer opportunities for adult students, special needs students, and the elderly.  We offer a family-focused learning environment in which our students can grow and develop their musical selves in a positive and enriching environment.”

    They are currently open for in-studio and cyber lesson options. Please contact them for more information or to sign up.

  • All your project needs: restoration services and DIY supplies

    Are you taking some of this “quarantine” time to go through your house and update your furnishings? Maybe you are taking on a new hobby and bringing new life into “old” items through restoration? If so, Moffitt-Smith, located at 39 W Locust Street, is open and able to help! They offer a variety of services for furniture restoration along with providing customers with top-of-the-line furniture care and restoration supplies. Since COVID, they have set up a “curbside” pick-up/drop-off location at the rear entrance of their shop to limit contact during this time. Now that they can meet customers face-to-face, they have initiated a policy that all employees will wear facemasks and are encouraging customers to do the same. Contact them for your next project! Check out their website and Facebook page for more information and to see examples of some of their work.

    Moffitt-Smith in Mechanicsburg, PA provides full-service furniture restoration, Repair & Care and they provide furniture restoration, repair, and care supplies. Call them at (717) 766-4112 or stop by 39 West Locust St., Mechanicsburg.

  • Your health and well-being are a primary concern

    The health and well-being of customers has always been a primary concern at The Rosemary House, 120 South Market Street, established in 1968!  Whether it is suppling herbs and seasonings to enhance your daily meals or whether it is providing relaxing and fragrant essential oils to elevate or calm the mood of your personal space.  For over 50 years The Rosemary House has always been there for the well-being of their customers.  Currently, staff are happy to have “masked” discussions with customers about which herbs will best suit your needs.  Looking to spice up your cooking or seeking herbs to help you sleep or support your immune system or simply want a tasty cup of tea?  The Rosemary House is your local source for herbs, spices, teas and gifts.

    Want to make your own disinfecting spray to wipe down those high touch areas? Here is a quick and effective recipe that The Rosemary House uses to keep their doors and counters clean:

    • 1 cup alcohol (either rubbing alcohol or vodka)
    • Add 30+ drops of your choice of essential oil (orange is uplifting, tea tree is anti-viral, lavender is relaxing, or eucalyptus to open sinuses, all are available at The Rosemary House!)
    • Add ¼ cup distilled water
    • 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide

    Now more than ever we need to care for ourselves – internally and externally! Visit the Rosemary House website for more information concerning additional precautions being taken including private shopping hours by appointment! Shop online and like and follow The Rosemary House Facebook page for more tips.

    The Rosemary House, your one stop herb and spice shop, was established in 1968! Herbs, Tea, and Gift items. This family business is owned and operated by Susanna Reppert Brill. Parking in the rear or on the street.

  • Goal: Creating a cozy home environment!

    As many of us spend more time at home. We are nesting and realizing the powerful effect that a cozy home has on our spirits. As a result of this, Caromal Colours continues to sell their amazing home decor paints for the DIYer to accomplish themselves or have them do it for you!  Staff are busy doing interior design, kitchens, bathrooms, and especially what everyone is looking for which is a new home office to work in!

    Caromal Colours has stayed busy during a long business closure by their wonderful customers asking them to paint so many pieces of furniture to update their homes and keep their spirits uplifted. They speculate that they did between 40-50 custom pieces during the closure for which they are grateful! They continue to offer curbside pick-up for any purchase if that makes you comfortable.

    Creating a cozy home environment has always been the goal of Caromal Colours…now more than even, individuals and families are staying home and realizing the value of this powerful service. Caromal Colours wishes you all a cozy home, peace of mind, and good health during this challenging time! Visit their store at 13 East Main Street, shop online, or checkout their Facebook page.

    After years of teaching professional decorative artists their craft, world-renown decorative painter and color expert Carol Kemery, set out to create a line ofeasy-to-use home decor paints  – and Caromal Colours was born! Caromal Colours paints are the ideal solution for painting cabinets and furniture painting due to their ease of use and exceptional history of results.  Our cabinet paint is offered in a variety of finishes and colors to provide customers a full range of paint choices for their project.

  • Small in physical size, not on precautions

    A cozy shop with antique, vintage, shabby chic, and handcrafted home furnishings, Not So Shabby has implemented various precautions to ensure customer health and safety. Due to the small physical size of the shop, owner Chrissy Dixon has limited the number of individuals in the shop at one time to three: two customers and herself. All guests are required to wear a mask and hand sanitizer is available at the door for your convenience as you enter and exit. Chrissy is meticulous in ensuring the shop is cleaned and wiped down several times a day and will accommodate shopping appointments outside of regular hours to ensure each guest feels comfortable and safe. Stop by Not So Shabby at 226 East Main Street and see the ever changing variety of items or follow them on Facebook.

    Photo Credit: Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau

  • Opening during a pandemic – “health and safety for clients, staff, and the families we go home to”

    Revelations Day Spa staff have been busy adapting to the “new normal”.  During the shutdown we utilized the time by increasing education in our various trades: hairstylist in the current trends, back to the basics, and techniques; estheticians in skin concerns and ingredients that are most effective in treating skin issues such as acne and aging which are our specialties, new facial massage techniques and back to the basics; our massage therapist again advancing techniques and making the entire service more effective to meet the client’s needs. Our entire staff has taken several advanced educational classes on increased sanitation and disinfection in light of the current pandemic through the Dermalogica, Clean Touch Certified, Barbicide Sanitation and Rejuvenate Disinfection and Sanitation CDC protocols.  While cleanliness, sanitation, and disinfection have always been at the front and center of our day we have taken greater steps to insure we are on top of things.  We temp check our employees every day, we try to avoid large crowds in our personal down time and are very aware of the company we keep.

    Our services have been adapted slightly due to the pandemic.  Revelation Day Spa now use a clear table shield on our manicure table as a physical barrier and it is cleaned and sanitized after every client.  For our facial area, our employee will wear a mask and a shield which is a secondary physical barrier and the client will use a shield for the service as their face covering creating a double physical barrier.  Our stylist uses masks and shields and we are currently operating with one stylist at a time right now to be more aware of the health and safety of our staff, family, and clients.  Some services must be modified from our normal routines but in everything we do operate under “universal precautions” for the health and safety of our clients, our staff, and the families we go home to every day.  We would love to safely serve you during this time and are more than willing to show you the accommodations and safety protocols we have implemented for this current pandemic.  Revelation Day Spa is a new business opening March 2020 at 17 N Railroad Avenue, but we have all been working in the industry for many years.  We pride ourselves in focusing on our clients’ needs and our desire is to help every person who enters our establishment to forget the cares of the world and the burdens they carry for the time they are with us.  We focus on refreshing the body, renewing the mind and restoring the soul.  We offer all spa services and are looking forward to meeting you. Check out our services on our website and follow us on Facebook.

  • Memories and Blessings

    We mask for memories…memories we hope to make, memories we hope to share, and in memory of family, friends, and clients who won’t be here to welcome in the new year with us.

    Three years ago, we first met Ms. E.  She was a small woman in her seventies.  She appeared frail from age but within minutes she filled the room with her personality.  As she pointed at me, she said, “I’ve been looking for You!” And the rest is history.  After retiring she spent her days giving her time and money to the many causes she believed in, always with a grateful and caring spirit.  Sadly, in September she passed away shortly after receiving a COVID diagnosis.  We know her memory will be a blessing to all those who had the privilege of meeting her! For us, this is the face of COVID-19 in our local community.

    COVID-19 has completely changed the appearance and expectations of businesses throughout every local community.  C2 Tax & Payroll Associates, located at 219 East Main Street, Suite 207, were fortunate to be classified as an essential business and remained open.  In March of 2020, we made the decision that we would not sit down with our clients while preparing their tax returns.  We quickly developed a new system which included a drop off appointment, telephone review, and pick up appointment.

    This year C2 Tax & Payroll Associates will be expanding on the low contact system we put in place.  Our waiting room will have two working stations, one will be designated for drop offs and the other for pick-ups.  Reviews can be done by phone, video conference, or in person while maintaining a 6-foot distance.

    The health of our staff, clients, and community is our top priority as we plan for the coming tax season. We have implemented the following safety measures:

    • Masking anytime a client is in our office and we ask our clients to do the same.
    • Social Distancing whenever possible.
    • Clients are limited to our waiting room
    • Only one family will be allowed to enter our waiting room at a time.
    • Waiting room is stocked with hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and disposable pens.
    • Surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant between appointments

     We have also added a secure portal for document exchange.  This delivery method is 100% contactless.  Our clients will be able to begin their tax preparation process by uploading their documents and download their completed tax return from their home or office.

    As a small business we rely on word of mouth referrals and reviews.  If you don’t have a need for our services at this time, consider making a referral or mention C2 Tax & Payroll Associates in a Mechanicsburg Facebook group or Next Door. Follow us on Facebook or visit our website for more information.

    C2 Tax & Payroll Associates is a local small business specializing in income tax preparation, payroll processing, notary services, and QuickBooks support associates. It is comprised of Cathy Snavely and Carolann Wendland.

  • Jazz up or expand your music repertoire!

    With additional time at home, we could all use some new media so how about adding new tunes to your playlists? RecordSmith, located at 16 N Market Street, is more than a record store “with tons of CD’s, vinyl LPs, and download cards” to choose from, you can also find vinyl records of all kinds! RecordSmith reopened in May and installed a plexiglass shield at the check-out location to ensure a safe check-out experience and implemented that at all staff and customers wear facemasks in order to minimize the risk of spread. They have also expanded their customer capacity from 4 (during the yellow phase) to now 10 (current green phase). On a national scale, the Record Store Day organization has helped implement safety precautions by splitting Record Store Day, the biggest one-day event of the year for local independently owned record stores, into three mini events to minimize the number of individuals visiting their local store to purchase limited edition records.

    Did you know that vinyl offers a warmer sound and is the fastest growing format in music sales today – even exceeding digital downloads in percentage of growth?!1 Take advantage of the last Record Store Day later this month to start your collection! Check out RecordSmith’s Facebook page and website for more information.

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