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Then as now, Mechanicsburg is characterized by the grit and resilience of its citizens. From a village that sprouted up between 1790 and 1820 along the original Indian paths of south-central Pennsylvania and nestled in the farmland of the Susquehanna Valley, Mechanicsburg (also once known as Stoufferstown, Pinchgut, and Drytown) became a way stop for westward-bound pioneers and later recognized as a commercial railroad hub for transporting farm produce, livestock, and goods. By 1828, Mechanicsburg permanently adopted its name in recognition of the large number of mechanics lured here by the promise of work.

If you listen carefully enough, you might still hear the ring and clang of the hardy mechanics as they built and repaired the Conestoga and work wagons that hauled people’s hopes and goods westward on the dusty trails across the Appalachian and Allegheny mountains.

In 1863, Mechanicsburg played its part during the Civil War when weary and hungry Confederate troops occupied the town demanding provisions before urgently being called southward to Gettysburg.

Generations of Americans, each different in essential ways from those who settled here before them, have fueled our development and given a rich texture to our culture and heritage.

Today, of course, Mechanicsburg is a very different place when compared to these humble beginnings in the early 1800s. It is now a bustling downtown for thousands of people, with many more people moving to our area as they plant roots, raise families, and start businesses, making Cumberland County the fastest growing county in the state.

The Downtown Mechanicsburg Partnership’s mission is to help the Borough move thoughtfully and strategically into the next chapter of our story while still preserving our history. The Partnership is dedicated to enhancing what is already a thriving, people-centered destination rich in history, commerce, and opportunity. It does so by focusing on successful partnerships and promoting opportunities to ensure that our traditional commercial and residential cores continue to be attractive, livable, and business friendly. – A great place to live, work, and play.


The MISSION of the Partnership is to foster community connections, business development, and historic preservation in downtown Mechanicsburg


  • To engage and encourage community investment in the downtown
  • To serve as ambassadors to new and existing businesses
  • To enhance, preserve, and promote our unique heritage



Jayne Drake

Jayne Drake, President

Professor and Dean, Emerita Temple University

Edward Phelan

Edward Phelan, Vice President

Mechanical Engineer

Deb McCreary, Treasurer

Owner, Eckel’s Ice Cream Fountain

Pam Zaiser

Pam Zaiser, Secretary

Retired, Holy Spirit Hospital


Beverly Bone

President, Mechanicsburg Museum Association

Christine Dixon

Owner, Not So Shabby

Debra Frisco

Social Media Manager, PLCB

Brian Hart

Project Manager, Penn State Health

Brandon Hoover

Director of Sustainability, Messiah College

Kelli Mills

     Vice President of Operations,          Messiah Lifeways
Owner, Smoke & Pickles Artisan Butcher Shop

William Roche

Owner, The Healthy Grocer and CEO, S. Clyde Weaver

Tara Kiley Rothwell

Owner, Kite Tales Weaving

Ryan Webber

Attorney, Walters and Galloway

Ex Officio

Rebecca Yearick

Cumberland Co. Housing and Redevelopment Authorites and liaison Cumberland Co. Redevelopment Authority

Sara Agerton

Liaison Mechanicsburg Borough Council


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