2018 Mugs & Music

A huge thanks to everyone that came out to the 2018 Mugs & Music Event!

Join us for the 2018 Mugs & Music event on September 15 from 1 PM – 5 PM in beautiful downtown Mechanicsburg PA! There will be over 20 businesses participating!

Not only will you be able to visit our wonderful mix of restaurants, retail shops and service providers during the event, but you will also be able to sample a wide variety of beverages and foods provided by the participating businesses…all while listening to music!

Pick up your ticket to participate in the sampling event for a $12 donation in advance or $15 the day of the event.  Tickets can be turned in at the corner of Main & Market for your mug!  Be sure to get your tickets early as there are a limited number of mugs available.

Tickets are available at the following locations, starting September 1, for the event:

Blondie’s On Main – 106 W Main St

Eckels Ice Cream Fountain – 36 E Main St

Just Clogs – 15 W Main St

Vintage Etc. – 70 W Main St


Check out the list of participating businesses for the 2018 Mugs & Music!

1.NOT SO SHABBY: 226 E. Main – Beer, Soda, Tea

2. PEACE AND QUIET MASSAGE: 40 E. Main – Wine, Cider, Violinist

3. ECKEL’S ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN: 36 E. Main Root Beer -Floats & Chocolate Wine Sauce Over Ice Cream

4. THE ROSEMARY HOUSE: 120 S. Market – Sweet Solo Peach Tea Cocktail, Sweet Peach Tea

5. HERSHEY VIOLINS: 11 W. Main – Beer, Root Beer, Light Snacks, String Musicians

6. JUST CLOGS: 15 W. MAIN – Beer

7. BRITTLE BARK: 33 W. Main – Beer, Root Beer, Poppin Time


9. ASMA GIFTS: 115 W. Main – Juice, Cheese & Crackers, Saja (Musical Artist)

10. AMOS WENT WEST: 207 W. Main – Beer, JC & TeddyD (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica)


12. YORK STREET GRILLE: 398 N. York- Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Spiced Cider Cocktail, DJ Mad Hatter Productions

13. TREZ MUSIC: 214 W. Main – Home Brewer Tim McKenna, Cider, Chocolates, Trez Music Students

14. BLONDIE’S ON MAIN: 106 W. Main – Beer from Market Cross Brew Pub of Carlisle, Bratwurst & Hot Dogs

15. VRAIE: 102A W. Main – Wine, Infused Water with Fruit, Spa Music

16. VINTAGE ETC: 70 W. Main – Root Beer Floats, Jack & Luke Henry Classical Christian Music

17. CAFE 62: 62 W. Main – Food

18. RECORD SMITH: 16 N. Market – Beer, Root Beer

19. MYERS-BUHRIG FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY: 37 E. Main – Food, Drinks & Music from Trez Students

20. FRANKENBERGER TAVERN: 217 E. Main – Hard Cider, Cider

21. COMB AND SCISSORS BARBER SHOP:219 E. Main – Cider, Chips & Pretzels, 3-Piece Bluegrass Band


There is no charge for participants who just want to spend some time visiting our downtown and listening to some wonderful music! Trez Students will also be playing live music at the square!

We hope to see you there!

Check out the live music that will be held outside

Main Stage – Corner of Main and Market
1pm – Beginner Styles Class (Trez)
1:30pm – Intermediate Styles Class (Trez)
2pm – Advanced Styles Class (Trez)
2:30pm – BIR (Trez)
3pm – Anything But Quiet
4pm – Rachel Rennels Studio
1pm – BIR (Trez)
2pm – Mark Dundore’s Band
3pm – Rachel Rennels Studio
4pm – Company 3 (Trez)
Trez Music
1pm – Mark Dundore’s Band
2pm – TBA
3pm – Company 3 (Trez)
4pm – TBA

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