Music Lessons & Stores

Hershey Violin
11 W Main St

Known for his multi-layered, brush-applied spirit varnish, taught to him in Beubenreuth, Germany by the late master violin maker Gottfried Raabs, Hershey offers a representative selection of his fine hand-crafted instruments for trial and consideration at his Mechanicsburg shop. In addition, Hershey is available for on-sight services including bow rehairing, seam closing, bridge and sound post cutting and adjustment, and spot retouching as well as other repairs and restorations.
58 W Main St

NoteWorthy Guitars is where musicians of every level can feel free to play, explore, hangout and exchange ideas in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Record Smith
16 N Market St

RecordSmith’s primary business is bringing back the notion of music, rather than just being something you listen to when you’re doing other things, is an experience in itself worthy of your full attention.

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