Past and Present

Mechanicsburg Past

Completing its line in 1837, Mechanicsburg was designated as a water station where workers could restock the locomotive’s wood and pump water. The train became the town’s link to the world of business and industry.

Grain and feed companies, lumber yards and numerous factories were purposely built along side the railroad tracks. Archives show that, at one time, there were twenty-five trains chugging through the town daily carrying travelers, coal, feathers, fruit, ice, mail and newspapers. During the Civil War, the railroad was an invaluable method of transporting troops and supplies.

The town of Mechanicsburg was incorporated on April 12, 1828. Mechanicsburg has four historical markers within the Borough (Cumberland Valley Railroad, Irving Female College, Simpson Ferry Road and Union Church) and includes several historic buildings, one of which (the Stationmaster’s House) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mechanicsburg Present

Mechanicsburg is a vibrant, historic and pedestrian friendly downtown. From the corner of Main and Market – our Heritage Square – to Memorial Park, downtown Mechanicsburg is truly the primary local and regional destination for a diverse mixture of residents, businesses, tourists and shoppers, seeking a lively, inviting alternative to gather, live, work, play, shop and do business. We are the heart of the West Shore of the Susquehanna. Learn more about Mechanicsburg by watching this video from the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.

Mechanicsburg will be a downtown built upon a diverse and viable business mix that includes many well established professional and retail businesses. Around this nucleus of anchor businesses, new restaurants, galleries and retail opportunities will be drawn. Mechanicsburg will use its strengths to achieve sustainability: our historic character, sense of community and high quality of life.

Mechanicsburg has the tools to continue to succeed. The downtown’s program of revitalization and promotion is led by a well-organized, committed group of volunteers, organizations and business owners.  Mechanicsburg’s volunteers share a unified focus on fostering successful partnerships and promoting opportunities to ensure that our traditional commercial and residential core continues to be attractive, livable and business friendly.

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